Jazzmine Berger - Interview Project No#4

The Interview project is a new personal project by which I interview models I meet at castings or that I have worked with in the past. The interview is then processed into a shoot idea and offered as images rather than words. Hopefully the result has neither the insincerity of advertising nor the narcissism of self published social media.


Jazzmine or Jazz was an interview subject that found me. I was sitting in my study one afternoon and started to notice a precession of beautiful wicker furniture being marched past my window in the street outside. From my seat, and considering the hight of the window, the chairs seemed to be marching unassisted. This filled my short attention span with a bouquet of pressing questions. Who was the owner of such a prolific collection of wicker furniture and where was it going. This was the first of many sightings (from my office window). Jazz is a mysterious neighbour. One day a train of wicker chairs the next a femme fatal leather skirt, dark glasses and a pram (it was a while before I could confirm the pram was caring a child). My imagination unavoidably started to fill in the blanks.
In the end her agency put an end to my spying when they sent me her portfolio and asked for a go see to which I casually accepted. Of course when we met she immedialty replaced her mysterious outward appearance with a warm, easy to like, personality. I suggested the interview project to her and she lit up immediately. A chance to dress up in fictional characters that somehow and mostly vaguely had some meaning to her life at this moment. I realised, of course, that the only change was that now that I had arrived with my camera there was someone to take pictures of a role play that was essentially a daily occurrence. We had a lengthy conversation and although we spoke about many things (in her Swedish/French/American accent) it somehow always came back to the opportunity to play “dress up” with her neighbour. 


The interview was shot on location at the restaurant “The Moveable Feast”. Here we are introduced to a waitress from the mid west, a New York talent agent (and one time performer), a medicated, afternoon martini drinker and a mistress. The day passed, outfits changed, characters were introduced and the mood swung like a bowl of keys at a 70’s fondu party. Throughout the day and with every change Jazz would adopt the Stanislavski method and stay in character from the moment she put on the outfit until she changed again. It has been a while since I played with the neighbourhood gang and I had forgotten how much fun it could be!


Quick five…

1. What do you most like to do with the time that is your own?

JB: Put on some good music and dance 

2. What do you most look forward to in the future?

JB: To see my daughter keep blossoming, romance and everyday beautiful adventure. 

3. What scares you?

JB: The unknown, which at times can also be exciting.

4. What is you favourite meal?

JB: Almost anything with cheese on it. 

5. What qualities attract you in another person? 

JB: Le regard!


Massive thank you to Jazzmine Berger for absolutely taking over and setting up the entire play day. Styling, script, location, catering and wrap party all thanks to Jazz. Also much appreciation goes out to Vincent John for the use of his bistro The Moveable Feast , a delicious meal and for the hang over the following day.